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Which Aspects Should Be Focused on When Install The Seal

Which Aspects Should Be Focused on When Install The Seal


1. Do not damage the sealing face or the sealing line on the surface of the seal.

The sealing performance of the plane sealing parts depend on the upper and lower end faces;the sealing performance of the hydraulic sealing parts depend on the lip lines associated with the holes and axis.These parts are made of plastics ,rubber and graphite with the good tactility and elasticity ,good resistance to oil ,corrosion and aging.Those are vulnerable to damage,thus,they need the special protection and care in the process of transition ,installation and storage.Once damaged,it will leave a huge hidden danger to the sealing parts.


2. No force installation

Some sealing parts are placed in the groove(stuffing box),which requires tight fitting and no rough to install .If force to load the sealing parts,it will damage their original prefabricated structure.Just like crushing the prefabricated concrete to fill in.The installation of such sealing parts must be careful,and the assembling should be step by step.


3. Should be balanced and symmetrical during the installation

Placing the sealing parts on the sealing face (or the lip line).After using the system,need to do the further observation and tighten the sealing parts to prevent the  leakage(such as pressure) which is caused by the changes of working conditions.