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The Wide Application of Synthetic Rubber in Human Life and Other Field

The Wide Application of Synthetic Rubber in Human Life and Other Field


Synthetic rubber has a wide range of application in construction ,mechatronics,information ,aerospace,new materials,medical and heath services ,and people’s daily life.For example,in the field of medical care services,the synthetic rubber is not only applied in the  medical instruments which are needed to touch the organs directly,but the inner organ long existed  in the human body can be made of silicone rubber,such as heart,cornea,urethra,etc.Synthetic rubber take up a large amount of materials  in the rubber shoes.In the current world,rubber occupies 30% in the sole materials approximately.In addiction,in the field of new materials regarded as the foundation and the leader of technological revolution,synthetic rubber play an irreplaceable role,too.As per the statistics,about  1 Mt of synthetic rubber is used for toughen and modify the plastics,extract the engineering materials,functional materials or  thermoplastics elastomer .The ethylene-propylene rubber has a large proportion of  materials modification.

It should be pointed out that the synthetic rubber can be artificially endowed with some special properties,such as damping,heat resistance,oil & solvent resistance,physiological compatibility ,shape memory,etc.These cannot be compared by the natural rubber,because of this,the synthetic rubber is  widely used in the non-tire area than the natural rubber.