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The Installation Precautions of Doors and Windows Sealings

The Installation Precautions of Doors and Windows Sealings


The Installation Precautions of Doors and Windows Sealings

Door and window sealing strips are generally made of pvc, elastomeric sealing strips, modified pvc, silicone and other materials. It is mainly used for wooden doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows, steel doors and windows and other architectural decorative doors and windows. We all know the role of the door and window seals a little bit,but its role in the installation of a certain degree of exquisite. The following details is about the installation considerations of windows and doors sealing strips.


1. Before installing the doors and windows, clean the debris in the tank. When the glass is placed, ensure that the gap on both sides is even, and correct and fix it in a timely manner to prevent the collision from shifting and deviate from the center of the slot.

2. Door and window sealing strips should not be pulled too tightly, and the length of the blanking is 20-30mm longer than the assembly length. The installation should be in place, with glass, glass notch close contact, the surface should be straight, so that the glass around the force evenly, and then the corner of the place with a special glue firmly bonded.

3. When fixing the glass with sealant, it is advisable to squeeze the glass out of the rubber strip to leave gaps in the plastic injection. The depth of the plastic injection should not be less than 5mm. Before the glue is cured, the glass should not be moved, but it should be kept stable.