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Sealing Strip for Broken Bridge Aluminum Accessories

Sealing Strip for Broken Bridge Aluminum Accessories


Sealing Strip for Broken Bridge Aluminum Accessories


In addition to profiles, glass and hardware, broken bridge aluminum also has an important material, that is sealing strip.This is directly related to the sealing of the broken bridge aluminum door and window. There are many broken bridge aluminum strips on the market, ordinary normal strips,  EPDM strips, and a better strip, which is TPV.

Thus,what feature of this kind of rubber strip?

TPV is a kind of material, which is a kind of stable elastomer which is blended with EPDM and PP and mixed with two materials by dynamic vulcanization technology.

The characteristic of the TPV sealing strip:

1. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly: It does not contain carcinogens such as nitrite, does not contain heavy metals, can be recycled, and reaches the sanitary level. It is certified by SGS and complies with the EU ROHS directive.

2. Low density: only 67% of the normal EPDM seals.

3. Good aging resistance: the service life under normal conditions is not less than 15 years.

4. The hardness changes little with temperature: the temperature can reach -60°C to +130°C, and the hardness changes within the range of -20°C to +40°C. The hardness changes are not higher than 5HA, which is better than traditional PVC and ordinary EPDM.

5. Good resilience: under the conditions of 30% compression and 70°C×24h, the compression set is 25%; under the same conditions, the common seal is 75%.